Beep Technologies is a BPO solutions providing innovative, manipulative and accessible originality in the areas of Business, CRM, IT, Service Management System Analysis and Call Center. Beep technologies assists organizations, optimizes and adapt their resources by endowing with a secure and clear-cut solution. Beep Technologies enunciates of a panel of industrious and adroit expertise for Business Development along with Finance and Operation, excelling in Research, Development and Designing. Adhering to the state-of-the-art technology and methodology to provide high quality, Beep Technologies actuates customers for life.

We guarantee that by outsourcing your BPO-IT Projects to Hi-Tech, you will save 60-70% on your project costs"

See what our clients are saying about us:

I am impressed with the accuracy. If we can stay that accurate, this will work beautifully for us. Please thank the Medical biller and accept my thanks to you. - Paula Richmond (California, USA)
Even in case of bigger jobs, they have shown remarkable ability to pull resources at a short notice and ensured that the job was completed well within the time limit. - Judy Chang (Singapore)
I am very pleased with your responsiveness, and as I expressed earlier, these start-up glitches are certainly to be expected. Frankly, we are off to a much faster/better start than I had envisioned. - Doctor Azhar Aslam MD, FACC, FSCAI (California, USA)
We hope you have continuity with your staff and can maintain the high standards you have set. - Abdul Aziz Textiles (Faisalabad, Pakistan)
One of the best. They went above and beyond their responsibility to obtain all aspects of my very painful, very demanding project. I go before this project is completed and before having paid what is due. They do not complain and sent me the work done so far, despite my not being able to pay now. REASON: I have volunteered to help victims of Hurricane Katrina my job queuing and management of 117 children who are separated from their parents. I live in Dallas, Texas, and if you watch the news, you will notice that there are over 147,000 of New Orleans / Mississippi refugees resettled here. I was putting in 15 hours a day last week to help feed these people, supplies, etc. Now, my mission is to stay in this accommodation with traumatized children until they can be moved with their families. This company is very understandable that problem and I understand their attitude towards humanitarian assistance to these individuals and agreed to pay me when I can, and have income coming in. For this reason alone, they deserve the highest in society, but their work is incredible. You will have no problem recruiting the team. May God bless you all. - Cat (USA)
Done an excellent job. We have reached a snag in this project and I thought it would canceled. Beep Tech solved the problem very quickly and that everything was perfect for the project to continue. I would not hesitate to use this team for future projects. - Chris (USA)
Beep Tech met and exceeded my expectations. They committed to a period of 48 hours deadline, and by the time i selected the winner, they have only 24 hours remaining. In the absence of complaints, they stick to the deadline for late into the night and made the agreed outcome. Their communication was excellent, and I look forward to working with them in the future. I've worked with some of the best and worst, and this company is certainly one of the best. - Fusionimports (USA)
Fast, friendly and right on the spot when it comes to getting work done. Easy to communicate with and very solution oriented. This company can go extra mile to satisfy its clients. Feel free to use their services. - Kenneth Goh (Malaysia)
Great to work with such professional people and will do so on future projects as well. - Steven Change (USA)
Beep Tech guys was very good in every aspect of my project. I would recommend them to anyone. They communicate on a daily basis which was one of my main requirements. Very professional in their approach to dealing with clients.Great to work with such professional people and will do so on future projects as well. - Claude (Canada)
Very fast turnaround time and strictly professional. Looking forward to working on future projects.And yes i will recommend them to anyone with my eyes closed Thanks! - Soycoffee (USA)
Great to work with. Data was accurate and came across fast. Well done by this provider, will use again and recommend them thanks!! - David (USA)
Outstanding job all around, we have more projects planned with them! You will be glad you choose them. They’re awesome ! High professionalism. - Brain Lam (USA)
As a team they had been very helpful in meeting my time deadline, accurately and for a reasonable price. I will recommend them to every company searching for Bpo partners. - James (USA)
Excellent company to work with. I am constantly working with them as their team is very professional, time and cost efficient.thanks guys you have been great. - Keith Schillings (USA)
Great to work with,excellent communication skills,good TAT, well understanding, highly recommended. - Bill (USA)
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