As a Medical Billing service provider company, we have complete understanding, knowledge and expertise to accommodate all the complexities of the US health insurance industry in an efficient way, and as economical as possible. We are a group of highly dedicated, thoroughly trained medical professionals bringing along an average of four years of medical billing industry experience. We have developed a most comprehensive medical billing workflow process on the basis of analysis and review of health insurance's most complex taxonomy of patient intake/registration, diagnoses and treatment plans, claims submission and financial tracking, third party reimbursements, individual patient responsibilities, and so on.

Before commencing any work on a new project, we undertake in-depth study and analysis of client's existing business function. On the basis of this analysis, we work out a most comprehensive solution at a highly reasonable pricing package. We will then implement a strategy that parallels client's requirements and sets in place a tangible tool to measure success. This enables our clients to have industry standard quality services coupled with 33% to 50% cost savings while they have adequate time and peace of mind to concentrate on their core business functions.

Beep Tech Technical Capabilities

Downloading of patient's scanned documents from Doctor's Office through secured and dedicated links strictly complying with HIPAA standards. Highly accurate Data Entry of charges and generation of CMS-1500 (HCFA-1500) and UB-92 claim forms within the allotted turnaround time (TAT) limits.

Transmission of electronic claims to the US clearinghouses through secured and dedicated links and paper format claims to the insurance carriers, Continual follow-ups with insurance carriers through state-of-the-art contact center to ensure rapid collections and maintaining a clean AR.

Highly accurate payments postings and daily, weekly and monthly reports generations as per the client requirements.

Accounts Receivable

Turning over accounts receivable into cash requires a systematic, planned and focused approach. Each effort must be aimed at eliminating or resolving the problem instead of merely gathering information. Documentation of the findings is critical as it helps as a reference tool for the future.

The problem researched by A/R agents internal data entry error, incorrect information on the claim, non-covered benefit, unauthorized procedures and services, procedure or service not medical necessity, pre-existing condition, termination of coverage, failure to obtain preauthorization, out-of-network provider used, lower level of care could have been provided etc.

Working on delinquent accounts

Verifying health plan identification cards on all patients.

Determining patient's health care coverage to ensure that a pre-existing condition was not submitted for reimbursement on the claim.

Electronically submitting a clean claim, which is correctly completed standardized claim CMS-1500 (HCFA-1500) or UB-92.

Contacting the payer to determine that the claim was received.

Reviewing records to determine whether the claim was paid, denied, or is in suspense (pending) such as subject to recovery of benefits paid in error on another patient's claim etc.

Payment Posting

Payments postings in clients systems as per the Check amount and EOB's.

At present, we can handle 600 EOB's / Checks per day.

The capacity can be enhanced as per the clients? requirements in a phased development process.

We ensure that 100% accuracy rate in payments postings is maintained through a two-tiered audit/review process consequently resulting in balancing of all the batches at the end of the day.

We take immediate actions on under-paid and over-paid claims with appropriate information to A/R team to file appeals and posting of excess amount in the suspense account.

Implement the solution

Once the action plan has been drafted and confirmed the next step is to implement the solution to all the outstanding claims that fit the criteria for such action. This is vital, since problems falling into the same category are fixed at one go.

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