The increase in work demand makes things more robust and sturdy. Various things can help you to manage the relevant issues. Data related problems are many, but solutions are also different according to the need. These issues may carry different formats, such as discrepancies in data type, text, and format. It may lead to data redundancy and cause complexity. Beeptech offers the backup to reduce this problem with the help of data conversion services. These services convert data from a format to another within less time and high accuracy. It also gives you only data normalization for any kind of data conversions such as periodicals, reports, journals, catalogs, and financial statements. We convert these kinds into a clear and cohesive format. You can store, search, and retrieve your documents in a digital version anytime without any flaw.

Our Data Conversion Services

We are the best data conversion service provider in the USA. We have all the things that can help you to manage the issues od data. Our services include:

HTML Conversion Services

Our experts also manage HTML files. We have a team of experts that convert the existing content into HTML and nake its access easier. In this way, you can efficiently distribute data and have an instant reach to data to your customers.

XML Conversion Services

We have the XML conversion services that are an accessible format for display and datastore on the internet. Our experts equipped with skills that help to convert web publishing formats to XML with perfection.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Electronic Document Management (EDM) helps you to convert and store paper-based information to electronic format. This may develop the ease and comfort of retrieval through a web browser. It also gives you security benefits, reduces filing charges, and remote access.

JATS XML Conversion

JATS XML Conversion helps to convert journals, digital content, typed documents, typed text into Journal Article Tag Suite XML. We have professional and experienced data entry operators at affordable prices.

Document Digitizing Services

The digitization of documents is another kind of service offered by our quick conversion services. We have cost-effective document digitization services that convert your documents with high-quality services. We turn a large volume of data into digital formats with accuracy and error-free support.

PDF Conversion Services

PDF Conversion Services offers secure industry-standards for PDF files conversion. The use of PDF is more common than other file types. This is one of the most widely used electronic file formats that also included in our services.

Document Conversion Services

Documents deliver your needs and functioning ways to the whole company, customers, and sellers. We have the document conversion services backed with our trained specialists to enjoy guarantee successful document conversion.

Word Formatting Services

Document formatting is also offered by data conversions services.We have the support that lasts your impression through proper formatting of documents. We render high-quality word formatting services by using customized technique and style.

Spreadsheet Conversion

We can help you convert important information into a readable format by using our optical character recognition services.

Book Conversion Services

Books are an important way to get an education, information, and improve recognition with various things. We offer ebook conversion services to convert printed books, web-based articles, paper-based data and manuscripts to electronic formats. The most common electronic formats are e-books, e-research papers, e-brochures, e-zines, and e-journals. All these kinds are helpful for printed data conversion.

SGML Conversion

Standard Generalized Markup Language SGML conversion services are also offered in a very affordable and pocket-friendly manner.

File Conversion Services

Any kind of file conversion necessary for your business setup is offered with our scalable, cost-efficient, and effective services. We offer image data conversion along with other formats of conversion for the satisfaction of client’s needs.

XBRL Conversion Services

XBRL conversion services are also included in our services. We have the computer-based tag readers for item detection. We manage all kinds of data ranging from small to large and convert through transmission or databases and sites.

PubMed Conversion Services

We have all kinds of data conversion services that cover medical content, journals, research papers, and related content. We convert the data in a way that can quickly be approved by the PubMed Central Library for efficient and proper functioning.

DTBook Conversion Services

DTBook conversion for data also included in our services. We work to enhance the reading experience of clients, especially for visually impaired individuals. All these services are included in our data conversion services and highly customized according to your needs and requirements. You can try any one of the above services to match it to your needs. All the services backed with 99% accuracy and preciseness to ensure error-free working.

What Formats Offered for Data Conversion Services?

We have the professional and skillful expertise that offer the following formats:

  • OCR Clean up
  • ICR and OMR
  • Quark
  • Interleaf and FrameMaker into XML, SGML and HTML
  • Microfiche
  • Image conversion to XHTM and TIFF to PDF

How Do We Work?

Our working way for data conversion services explained through the following ways:

Receive Files

We receive files, hard copies, and other documents through courier from clients. We transfer them according to the requirements.

Scan Files

We scans the received files, either they are hard copy files or soft copy files. We do this via OCR software for basic conversion.

Check files

After the conversion of files, we verify them and check each and everything minutely. If found any error, we remove t and make it error-free document for clients.

Quality Control

QC is important because we convert the files and tr to maintain accuracy as much as we can. Quality control offers more support and accuracy for converted files or documents.

Upload Files

When all the files are checked and are considered free of errors, they are uploaded on the client's site via FTP, Dropbox, and We Transfer. Set the Delivery Schedules The delivery of the project is discussed at the beginning of any project.

Data vectorization

Convert 200,000 PDF documents into CSV format for various companies such as Data Exchange Company. Beeptech has a bunch of benefits to deliver the best data conversion services for various kinds of content, ranging from publishing houses, other content, and libraries. The best thing about our conversion services offers before and after analysis of data to give maximum accuracy. Our experts have a grip on different languages to support all kinds of users and clients with English and Latin Based languages. We are a highly customized and scalable data conversion service provider worldwide with quality, accuracy, and skilled professionals' support.

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