Beep Tech is a experinced and preferred offshore insurance claims processing organization with almost six years of experience. We provide platforms, processes and resources specifically designed for the administration of insurance claims offshore.

As per present scenario of the deregulation of the market and the escalating risks in the wake of natural disasters and terrorism which threatens large, the insurance sector is facing great pressure on costs. Any business having prompt desire to reduce costs is an ideal candidate for the offshoring. Companies who are managing a large volume of insurance claims administration would do well to subcontract. Such Outsourcing Insurance Claims Administration procedure will certainly reduce cost with immediate effect. When we consider an outsourcing partner, it is important to seek a reputation for excellence. At Beep Tech, excellence is our first step to perfection.

Insurance Claims Administration services

  • Claim setup
  • Claim competency
  • Claim estimation
  • Claim document imaging
  • Claim support
  • Claim auditing
  • Account settlement
  • Full claim adjudicationv
  • Disbursement

Advantages of outsourcing claims Administration services to Beep Tech

  • Beyond saving operational costs
  • Improved customer service, which leads to greater retention of clients resulting in high profits
  • Processing claims efficiently
  • Additional savings through lower cost of sales
  • Lower cost makes the prices flexible,creating new business opportunities
  • Get enough time space to focus on core objectives
  • Improved overall performance
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