Beep Technologies Your Outsourcing Partner!

Beep tech is a services based company with years of experience. Our company address all outsourcing needs through one relationship that clients can easily manage. The value attained through multiple reputable solutions, allowing our clients to reach full potential of their marketing campaigns and online initiatives.

Mainly this process of BPO involve offshoring preferably companies based in another country providing the services. These days American and European clients/firms constantly outsourcing BPO and call center activities to Pakistan as the country distinctly developing in IT industry. Beep Tech's technology driven services deliver BPO, outsourcing and call center facilities to more then 170 customers in 18 countries. Beep tech call center offers its clients a range of call center services to meet end-to-end customer service needs of global companies. Our contact center facilities cover entire customer support and telemarketing needs of enterprises and include outbound and inbound call center solutions. Our highly skilled technical Helpdesk services, Live chat support and lastly with Email support completes the Beep Tech call center services package.

Beep Tech is pioneer in BPO (business processing outsourcing), outsourcing and call center facilities in central Asia. Outsourcing BPO services to Pakistan is popular practice in today's competitive environment. The BPO industry in Pakistan is constantly growing. By keeping in focus of the competition, Beep tech is consistently climbing stairs by hiring professionals, increased services circle and viewing quality assurance at every stage for client satisfaction, at very lower rates.

All together from Outsourcing financial, administration (F&A) processes, human resources (HR) functions, BPO services, call center, customer at support service activities to accounting and payroll processes. Beep tech is well equipped to handle its clients all business needs for providing successful ideal results.

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