Can the Layout/design of my website affect my rankings?

This phase assists you in finding if your site uses any programming formats that limit search engine exposure. Special marketing techniques need to be implemented in order to get around these elements. For the most effective search engine exposure we recommend a static HTML site. In addition, having a site map and navigation buttons on every page, as well as hypertext links at the bottom of every page in the site.

First here are two things we know that play a role in high rankings.

Purchase your domain name for 10 years.
Make sure your site is W3 compliant. To check for compliancy please go to

Aspects to look for:

  • Flash
  • Frames
  • Websites with no inside pages
  • Dynamically Generated Websites (ASP, PHP, ColdFusion etc.)
  • Heavy files that lengthen download time
  • Excessive Inline Javascript
  • Incorrect directory structures
  • Site redirects or pointers

We optimizes websites with these aspects in mind.

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