How to get first rank in google ranking?

How to get First Rank in Google what usually happens people spend alot of time in link building and article writing, but let me explain you a very easy and a professional way.

Step 1: Type in Your Keyword in Google

Before starting your search engine optimization for your keyword, test to see what comes up for your keyword phrase. The first and second page of the search engine results is your competition.

Your goal is to get where they are right?

Step 2: Look at the Web Site of your Competitor

Your going to want to look at and study the web page of your competition. While looking you are going to be specifically be looking for information.

What does your competition include in there:

  • Title
  • Meta Tags
  • Content
  • Links

You are basically going to want to analyze their sites so you get an idea of what it takes to get ranked highly for their keyword. After you get a good idea of what it takes update your site to make it a unique combination of your competitors sites but use your content.

We are not saying copy there web pages, but rather use the information that you learned from your competitor to update your website.

Step 3: Find Authority Sites Which Allow You To Link To Your Site

Authority sites meaning sites which are currently ranked highly on Google in your niche. You are going to need to find them and see if there is anyway you can make content for them and put a link back to your site. Make as many of these links back to your site as you can.

Step 4: Update Your Web page Frequently

Search engines love when you update your page frequently. All the pages that are on the first page of Google for highly competitive keywords are updated frequently and you must do the same.

Long Process

Doing all of this work for one keyword may seem like a long process but it pays off if you get on the first page of Google for something that is searched thousands of times a day. Just keep at it and don't give up. Remember, getting ranked highly on Google for competitive keywords does not just happen over night.

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